Universal Email Archival Solution:

Key Features of MailVault

  • Disaster recovery : Email backup and restore
  • Compliance ready : Long term storage and quick retrieval of all email
  • Email monitoring : Corporate messaging surveillance
  • Improved server performance : Offload processing and storage from your mailserver
  • Reduce administration & helpdesk costs: Easy privileges-based, self-service for users
  • Email archival reports: Business intelligence – make information from email

Some salient ones include:

  • Compatible with all mail servers (including Google Apps Free Edition).
    Email tamper-detection.
  • Admin snooping prevention (keep sensitive email private)
    Filters to keep out unwanted email.
  •  Multiple storage options: local disks, network attached storage, cloud based storage.
  • Auto-discovered directory of organizations and people, with search short-cuts.
  • Allows users access via POP3 for point-to-point email restore.
  • Allows users to access their MailVault email archive from within their email clients (over IMAP).

Legal hold and eDiscovery with all offerings.

  • Information and warning alerts.
  • Audit trails to track all activity.

Additionally, MailVault:

  • Runs on both Linux and Windows.
  • Can be deployed on premise, in the cloud and in hybrid mode.
  • Supports AWS, Azure and Private clouds.
  • Is available with perpetual licensing & subscription models